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          Shanghai Daysuo - in 2013 Shanghai Munich Electronics exhibition


          2013  automotive connectors/connector in Munich on the left side of the second figure TEConnectivity who first automobile group, and in 2010, is responsible for the entire automotive electronics business, China
          China President and general manager Mr Shen Weiming interpretation was listening to Foreigner TE product data. "The reason is that positioning is very clear of our success. We will position itself in a technical engineering company, dedicated to provide solutions for the automotive industry and the improvement measures." This is a Shanghai electronics show in Munich in 2013,electronics TE China automotive business, vice President and general manager Shen Weiming in TE automotive sector hall said to us.
          TE: connector industry leader
          As the world's largest supplier of connector products and solutions, one of the TE business involved in automobile, broadband connection, consumer electronics, energy and industry. For fiscal 2012, according to automotive business at TE four big market, while in the field of global sales of $5.1 billion.
          TE innovation of automotive technology has been perfectly into the advanced security systems, high integration of engine control system, power management system, information, entertainment system, sensors and hybrid and pure electric vehicles. Its wide range of product series include terminals and connectors, special cable assembly system, sensors, relays and switch module, sensing system, used in hybrid cars high pressure parts, high speed data transmission network, wire and cable, heat shrinkable tube, waterproof plug, and application tools and protection products. This makes  electronics division for passenger cars, commercial vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers to provide a full range of one-stop service.
           electronics to pay annual sales in excess of 5% of spending on research and development, aiming to continuously create the technical advantage, expect at any time to provide customers with excellent products.
          TE has 23 years into China, at present in China's development momentum, with annual sales of $2.2 billion, with about 33000 employees, has built 17 production base, and through sales offices in 14 cities in China to provide service for the customer. TE China automotive group, through its between domestic public factory between 6 and 2 special factory for the industry to build the broadest product line.
          "Chinese independent brand is our important customer, TE car division more than half of turnover comes from our domestic auto industry." Shen Weiming when it comes to TE automotive business slightly said proudly. Joint venture vehicle makers for domestic suppliers for foreign auto parts enterprises is much easier, is the extension of its international operations. But because the domestic independent brand car companies started late, in the product research and development, engineering ability, management ability are relatively weak, this was a great test to the supply of spare parts for its enterprise and challenges. Some multinational auto parts enterprises localization ability does not reach the designated position is more difficult to deal with independent brand car companies, not to mention to win their business. Therefore, the cooperation with Chinese auto brands become measure with the localization of multinational auto parts enterprises an important symbol. TE car division more than half of turnover comes from indigenous car industry confirms its localization service ability.
          "Indeed, the independent brand needs to be improved in terms of management and technology. For example, when talking about demand, the demand for products will not be able to express clearly. He points to the product, but actually ends by other products. Therefore, just like our native language, and with consummate technique and rich has international experience in connector companies to better serve the independent brand car companies. This is TE car independent brand than major in business." Shen Weiming further said, "after all, China's auto industry to develop a relatively short time is not enough mature, domestic need to broaden their more independent brands, enhance industry scale and improve the precision. Compared with years ago, the management level of domestic independent brands have obvious improve."
          It is worth mentioning that in 2011, TE global chief technology officer (CTO) in China, this means that the CTO will coordinate the China operations of global resources to support TE. "With the rapid development of China automobile industry and TE expanding business in China, our car business every year there are as many as 150 projects. Through the operation and implementation of these projects, TE China automotive business engineering personnel with the help of foreign experts and constantly training greatly improves the engineering ability in learning." Shen Weiming for his team's ability to give you also see the gap, "of course, if compared with the foreign experts TE, TE China automotive team is still very young and lacking in experience. But I believe, with the purpose of TE China automotive business development and continuously to the engineering personnel stationed abroad for further study, will help them fast growth and accumulation of experience. The TE for the future wider spread China's business laid a solid foundation." TE Liu Nengquan automobile division, engineering director added: "TE China automotive business development goal is: 2 ~ 3 years, in the Asian region have leadership; the next 5 ~ 10 years, TE China in its global status is a core competence center." TE in electronic system architecture platform in China, especially in high voltage intelligent power distribution unit module has a unique r&d and innovation. (note: core competence center refers to some kind of technology or product research and development ability in the world leading position, the current TE world such as North America, Germany, Korea six core competence center.)
          Bullish on China's commercial vehicle new energy market
          The heat of the new energy vehicles worldwide, countries have introduced policies, support the development of new energy vehicles, OEM manufacturers also invest a lot of financial and material resources to develop new energy vehicles. Under the advocacy and support of policy, our country about the product research and development of energy saving and new energy vehicles and demonstrated and is prone to. As of December 2012, 25 pilot cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and shenzhen were demonstrated and all kinds of energy saving and new energy vehicles 27400 vehicles. Among them, 23000 public service field, the private sector 04400. 2012 vehicles in 2012 China's new energy vehicle production, sales of new energy vehicles 12791 vehicles, the valspar all implement high-speed growth.
          Under the pressure of energy and environmental protection, new energy vehicles will undoubtedly become the future development direction. In July 2012, led by the ministry of energy saving and new energy vehicles development plan (2011-2020), "the official launch. Planning is put forward, by 2015, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars off sales to 500000 vehicles; By 2020, the pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle production capacity of 2 million vehicles, the cumulative volume has more than 5 million vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, automotive development of energy industry with the international synchronization. This ambitious target for domestic new energy cars brought business opportunities the whole industry chain, industry chain companies followed the policy of pace, with the domestic prospects of the development of new energy vehicles and momentum. There is no lack of among them a blind follower.
          "Domestic new energy passenger car while planning a nice blueprint, but due to the substantial problems unsolved in the short term, therefore, I on the current development of China's new energy passenger car is not optimistic. I don't believe in the so-called 'corner overtaking'." Shen Weiming parsing the prospect of China's new energy car market: "so far, the new energy of commercial vehicles imported faster, and more meaningful." 20%, according to statistics, China's transportation fuel consumption in the field of commercial vehicles of public resources, and if this part of the commercial vehicle all use new energy cars, can save 7% ~ 15% of transportation fuel, can save 2% ~ 3% of all fuel. Statistics show that on August 2, 2011, the ministry website China's crude oil was 55.2%, and the external dependency beyond 53.5% of the U.S. for the first time; In 2012, a 1.5% increase in China's oil and oil in both external dependency, net oil imports of 284 million tons, up 7.3% from a year earlier, the oil was 58%, and the external dependency external dependency of crude oil is up to 56.6%. Is expected in 2013, our country oil and crude oil external dependency will reach 59.4% and 59.4% respectively. Relative to consumption so much and so high external dependency of domestic fuel oil, this is a very considerable data: save 2% ~ 3% of all fuel and is used in 7% ~ 15% of transportation fuel is already a very considerable number.
          As the new energy car interior upgrade of voltage current, high voltage high current conditions of the various components for the performance requirements more stringent. Safe, reliable, high voltage high current power distribution and transmission as the core and key of vehicle safety. TE for commercial vehicles, this new energy vehicles of high voltage power distribution unit can provide one-stop solution - AMP + high voltage distribution box. The distribution box is a multifunctional commercial new energy automobile high voltage distribution box, is in a foreign country for MAN commercial vehicle on the basis of the developed by China team again after digestion and absorption. The product design is compact, high strength of the sealed shielding aluminum alloy shell, good resistance to vibration and shock, high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy shell and heat distribution box cover design to ensure the internal heat. AMP + high voltage distribution box top working voltage 800 VDC, up to 500 a current input, each loop is provided by the fuse protection alone.
          A three-pronged power car manufacturers
          How to cope with the biggest challenge for energy conservation and emissions reduction of automobile industry, to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing vehicle weight is one of the most important factor. TE is to rethink the automotive connection technology and adopt a three-pronged strategy to help carmakers. Such as smaller components and wiring harness design, reduce the heavy metals and materials through the use of technology, improve the vehicle communication network and complex engine system in order to improve the efficiency and so on. In addition to all this work, TE still trying to reduce the production time and reduce the total cost of the system and are trying to break through the technical limit.
          "Miniaturization, lightweight and intelligence" has become the developing direction of the connector industry, TE all of the products is around the direction of research and development and design. The "downsizing" is TE one of the most important innovation in the field of automotive connectors. Such as MQS terminal series, MQS series terminal with high density assembly, steady structure and the characteristics of high functional requirements. Although is miniaturization design (electric contact by the edge of a length of 0.63 mm square interface), but can meet most of the applied in the field of auto connection system requirements (carrying capacity is less than 7 a), and can cover the waterproof and non waterproof field all applications. Again as terminal MCON 1.2, it is a high-performance terminal connection system on the basis of the guarantee function under the traditional contact plate size from 1.5 mm to 1.2 mm. MCON 1.2 suitable for high vibration applications, with eight contact point, can satisfy the small 0.13 mm wire diameter of pressure welding requirements. In addition, the corresponding containment shell series of reliable design improves the quality, and reduce the maintenance cost.
          Decrease in how to implement the component size, at the same time, do not change or even increase the connector features, TE has been successfully developed, such as the MCON 1.2, MQS and a series of miniaturization of products. On the basis of the MQS, TE is further successfully developed Nano MQS, realize the miniaturization and a technical breakthrough. Nano MQS series terminal inherited MQS high-performance characteristics of series connection system. Nano MQS series terminals for car terminal signal circuit provides a new solution to miniaturization. According to different application, the spacing in the 1.8 mm compact system can decrease in nearly 50% of the space layout, PCB and wire diameter size can reduce to was 0.13. In addition, the Nano MQS terminal also can be used mixed with MQS terminals.
          TE is another technology innovation through the connectors used in the production process is lighter, less metal materials to reduce automobile emissions. Such as Press - Fit technology. The technology USES free of welding technology will connector is connected to the PCB, the PCB can be repeated use, increased the number of each connector, as well as reduce the packaging volume per connection. Compared with the standard high temperature welding, each connection using less metal. TE Press - Fit technology makes the connector is not limited to high temperature resistant plastic material, can introduce more environmentally friendly plastic. In addition, the Press - Fit technology connectors can be assembled separately to the circuit boards, no wave soldering and reflow soldering, avoid the environmental pollution caused by high temperature welding process.


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